Sprout Scouts

Download the FAQ here: FAQ pdf.

What is Sprout Scouts?

Sprout Scouts is a 10-month educational, community-building program intended to increase your customer engagement by bringing them into your shop again and again. Each week, or as often as you like, you can hold a Scout “meeting” where your scouts come together to knit, to learn, and to create.

Sprout Scouts promotes community in your store by forming a group of knitters who gather for the common goals of advancing their knitting, earning achievements, and enjoying each others’ company.

Stitch Sprouts provides you with all the tools you need to create this community. You just supply the space and the yarn!

What do you get?

Sprout Scouts comes packaged in seats of five. Additional seats can be added on after the initial 5-pack is purchased. Each seat comes with the following:

  1. Five exclusive Scout patterns
  2. Several handouts/activities for each pattern
  3. Tote bag for each student
  4. 2 Related achievement patches for each pattern
  5. Gifts, goodies, and extras in each shipment such as stitch markers, notions pouches, needle cases, and more!

Additionally, by signing up for Scouts you will receive a Scout Leader Handbook with ideas for how to guide your scouts through each pattern. The handbook includes class lesson plans, activity night ideas, and pattern information so you can pair patterns with yarn from your store.

You will also get access to promotional materials and graphics to help advertise the program. We really want you, your shop, and this program to succeed!

Is yarn included?

No. We understand that every yarn shop has a different selection of yarn. We want you to sell your yarn! You can pair your yarns with our patterns. The Scout Leader Handbook will guide you to what yarns will be appropriate for the projects so you can sell the yarn you have in stock.

What is Aster?

Aster is the name of the first year of the Sprout Scouts program. The focus for Aster is small knits. Each year will have a new flower name and a new focus. This allows the yarn shop to run a previous year with new members while returning scouts move on to a new year. For example, the second year might be named Buttercup. You could run Buttercup for the people who participated in Aster, and run Aster again for the people who missed out on Aster the first time.

The projects for Aster are:

  1. Alpinus: a sport weight textured hat
  2. Glehnii: worsted weight colorwork mittens
  3. Maackii: fingering weight cuff-down socks
  4. Tripolium: a chunky cabled cowl
  5. Hayatae: a fingering weight shawl
What is the skill level needed/skills gained?

Aster is appropriate for knitters with skill levels ranging from adventurous beginner to advanced. The projects are for knitters who are ready to try more than just knitting and purling, expert knitters who just want to have fun knitting with a group, and everyone in between.

The included classes for Aster are:

  1. Knitting in the Round 4-Ways
  2. Introduction to Stranded Colorwork
  3. Knitting Socks from the Top Down
  4. Knitting Cables
  5. Knitting Lace
What is the timeline?

You will receive five shipments a year, one in October, December, February, April, and June. The first shipment will contain tote bags, the Scout Leader Handbook, the first patterns, achievement patches, and activities. Every other month after you will receive another package with new patterns, patches, and activities. You can always sign up after we start shipping and we will send you everything that has already shipped! Feel free to begin your program any time you wish.

Does the Scout Leader get a free set of materials?

No, if the Scout Leader wants to participate, as well as lead the knitting and activities, they should include themselves as one of the scouts when purchasing.

How do I sign up?

Send us an e-mail at info@stitchsprouts.com and let us know! Order now and we will send you updates and promotional materials to help you launch Scouts at your shop!