Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Barbara Benson: In collaboration with Sweet Georgia Yarns, Barbara Benson released a new shawl pattern. Featuring two of Sweet Georgia’s Party of Five gradients the shawl uses mosaic (slip stitch) colorwork to create a fun interplay of the two different colors. The shape is a long, asymmetrically acute triangleRead more »

“You die from exposure.” This is a saying you’ll often hear in the industry. And it’s true. Working for free doesn’t pay the bills. But does working for exposure have it’s place? Sure. Sometimes it’s worth it. But when? Writing Reviews and blogging are a great way to gain exposure for your brand without committingRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Bonnie Sennott: Bonnie has just published a new cowl pattern, Calliopsis. Knit in two colors of Fibre Co. Meadow, this light and lacy accessory is perfect for spring. To celebrate the release of Calliopsis, Bonnie’s having a cowl sale in her Ravelry pattern store. Use the coupon code COWL25 to save 25%Read more »

Can you make a living as a designer? This is a hard question. The best way to make a living, in my opinion is to diversify your income. I’ve talked about this before, and I still believe this is the best way. Even many of the most famous designers are turning towards tangible goods toRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Jen Lucas: Jen released a new pattern this week. Duvessa is a beautiful cable & lace cowlette with garter stitch details. The piece starts by working a traditional top-down triangle shawl in garter stitch. To cowl-i-fy it, it’s joined in the round for the cable and lace portion. It’sRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Barbara Benson: Over the last week and a half Barbara Benson has been uploading to Ravelry the patterns that make up her upcoming new book Mosaic & Lace Knits. You can see them all on the Ravelry source page here. This book is an exploration of a technique thatRead more »

Now that you’ve submitted your perfect proposal, you’re presented with a contract. Congratulations! If you’re like many designers you fire off a “yes!” right away regardless of the terms. But, did you know that you can negotiate? You don’t have to say “yes” to everything that’s offered. money The first thing most people think about isRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Angela Tong: Angela was recently a guest on The SweetGeorgia Show. Her episode, Angela Tong on Being a Multi-Passionate Crafter, just aired this week. Head on over to the podcast to learn more about Angela and her crafty life. Also, you can enter to win a free Craftsy ClassRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Jen Lucas: Jen is hosting a photo a day challenge called #yarnmadness on Instagram. You can find the daily prompts on Jen’s Instagram or follow along by checking out  the hashtag #yarnmadness. From Angela Tong: Angela’s latest pattern, Furinji, is part of Miss Babs Spring 2017 Collection. She talks about the designRead more »

Technique Tuesdays are BACK! This week we have a video about lifted increases, both right and left. These are usually abbreviated as RLI and LLI. I made a little mistake while filming and you’ll see the correction in the video with the appearance of this guy. Hope you enjoy it!

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