Let’s shift gears this week and talk about Yarn Support. Yarn support is one of those “perks” of the designer. I say perk, but is it really? Some people think of it that way. In essence you are asking for and getting “free” yarn. But is it free and what are you giving in return?Read more »

This week on Tips 4 Designers I’m going to talk about advertising. I’ve written about advertising before, almost exactly a year ago in fact; so I thought this would be a good time to revisit the topic and talk more about what works and what doesn’t. For the last year I’ve taken some time to exploreRead more »

This week’s Tips 4 Designers is about Keeping your Focus without Limits. Without focus designing can be a job that can seem overwhelming at the best of times. Designing requires you to wear so many hats; creative, technical, layout, publisher, marketer, etc. It’s hard to manage everything without getting lost. How do you stay focused?Read more »

We are back with a Tips 4 Designers post. Today’s topic is e-mail newsletter marketing. Newsletters are a great way to get your message out to hundreds of people all at once. They are also an excellent way to build and maintain targeted audience groups. Let’s look at these ideas and how they can workRead more »

As a knitwear designer you are at a disadvantage. You probably don’t have a runway show to showcase your collection. And you probably don’t have a brick and mortar shop to display your designs. Your portfolio is likely Ravelry and your vehicle for sales are photographs. Because photographs are your main method of selling your product, they better beRead more »

“You die from exposure.” This is a saying you’ll often hear in the industry. And it’s true. Working for free doesn’t pay the bills. But does working for exposure have it’s place? Sure. Sometimes it’s worth it. But when? Writing Reviews and blogging are a great way to gain exposure for your brand without committingRead more »

Can you make a living as a designer? This is a hard question. The best way to make a living, in my opinion is to diversify your income. I’ve talked about this before, and I still believe this is the best way. Even many of the most famous designers are turning towards tangible goods toRead more »

Now that you’ve submitted your perfect proposal, you’re presented with a contract. Congratulations! If you’re like many designers you fire off a “yes!” right away regardless of the terms. But, did you know that you can negotiate? You don’t have to say “yes” to everything that’s offered. money The first thing most people think about isRead more »

Tech Editing, or technical editing, is something that has become a rather hot topic in the knit design world. When I first became a knitwear designer, I didn’t know what this was. Now, not a single pattern of mine gets published without being tech edited first. Just as a published piece of writing passes throughRead more »

As a knitwear designer you have probably heard the terms sample or test knitters. But what’s the difference? Is there a difference? Yes. Both have their uses but for different reasons. Designers Stephannie Tallent and Jen Lucas wrote about the differences on their blogs last week. Stephannie uses both and likes to use test knitters soRead more »

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