Technique Tuesdays are BACK! This week we have a video about lifted increases, both right and left. These are usually abbreviated as RLI and LLI. I made a little mistake while filming and you’ll see the correction in the video with the appearance of this guy. Hope you enjoy it!

I love pom-poms. Seriously, I think just about anything looks great with a pom attached. Okay, maybe not everything… I posted a pom-pom tutorial in the past, but it was a written post. Now I’ve posted a video—take a gander. Remember, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up! And as always,Read more »

Today we are back with another Technique Tuesday video: Kitchener Stitch! As always, let us know what topics or techniques you would like to see in future videos.

A viewer asked us to demonstrate this cast-on, and I was more than happy to do so! To step it up, I also did this on dpns since this is my favorite way to make socks and most videos out there show it on circulars. Working with dpns is always a little tricky, but doingRead more »

It’s time for Technique Tuesday! This week, learn the picot hem! Click HERE to watch it on youTube.

Today’s technique, like last week’s, is also a cast-on and also requires a crochet hook. This one is perfect for things like top-down hats and circular shawls. It creates a beautifully finished center without the need for waste yarn. If you are familiar with the crochet “magic circle” this is very similar, however just aRead more »

Here’s a link to our latest Technique Tuesday video! Again, please subscribe to stay up-to-date with all things Stitch Sprouts.

This week our Technique Tuesday post is our first video! I’m not sure why the embedded video is showing so small – it’s best to view it on YouTube. Remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date with all things Stitch Sprouts. Leave a comment and let us know what techniques you want to seeRead more »

I know it’s been a while for our Technique Tuesday post…but that’s because we’ve been working on something new and exciting. Technique Tuesday is switching from written tutorials to video! Click here and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with all our latest tutorials. The first one will be up next week…see youRead more »

Last week I showed you two ways to join a new skein of yarn to an existing project. Today, I have two more! Knitted in With non-feltable yarns I use this method the most. It’s simple and easy to do, yet I find it to be somewhat conspicuous. Therefore, I always to try hide this inRead more »

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