The eruption of Mount Mazama only lasted 48 hours. In that time, a gigantic 400,000 year old mountain turned into a hollow shell. The eruption reduced the Mazama’s approximate 12,000 ft height by a mile. At 8,159 ft Hillman Peak is the highest point, located on the rim. The Mazama colorway of Crater Lake is namedRead more »

Wizard Island is one of our most popular Crater Lake colors! Have you ever wanted to know the story behind color way names? Here’s the story with Wizard Island. Following the cataclysmic caldera forming eruption of Mount Mazama, a series of smaller eruptions over the next several hundred years formed several cinder cones on theRead more »

Crater Lake is our newest addition to the Stitch Sprouts catalog. A super squishy chunky superwash merino, Crater Lake is perfect for everything from sweaters, blankets, baby items, and more! We currently have seven soft colors inspired by the beauty of the American wilderness. Check back next Saturday for the start of our color story series. EachRead more »

Yes, that’s right, BINGO. During the TNNA show, be sure to stop by to participate in our designer BINGO event. How to play Print your card ahead of time by clicking HERE, or pick one up in the booth. Collect signatures from the Stitch Sprouts designers who are attending the show. You will find them all over,Read more »

Our Anzula Booklets came out a month ago. During the last month, some of our talented designers have posted details about their projects on their blogs. Check them out. For Better or Worsted Textur Hat and Cowl by Angela Tong Kahel by Corrina Ferguson Cricket Lesage by Mindy Wilkes Squishy Ginto by Angela Tong ZaglessRead more »

If you haven’t guessed yet, we have also been collaborating with the fabulous Baah Yarns to make another beautiful pattern booklet! This booklet spotlights Baah’s wonderful Aspen yarn, which is a blend of 75% merino, 15% silk, and 10% cashmere. Here we present the yarn as four multicolored shawls, each featuring a different shape and construction. All four comeRead more »

For the last year Stitch Sprouts, their designers, and Anzula Yarns have been working tirelessly on a secret project. If you went to TNNA, you got a sneak peek, but finally, today, you get to see what all the hush-hush was about! Allow me to present the first pattern pamphlets published by Stitch Sprouts, oneRead more »

Classes attract customers. Offering new and exciting classes that develop your customers’ knitting and crocheting skills is a must. But what shop owner has time to create detailed class materials when they’re already busy running a store? Engage your students with new classes and grow your customer base with our newest offering, Class Kits. Class Kits are MORE than aRead more »

Stitch Sprouts’ catalog is published three times a year. It’s 44 pages of stunning designs, unique accessories, and gorgeous yarns printed on the same high quality stock as our patterns. View See our latest catalog on Issuu HERE. Download For a PDF, click HERE. To save this file, right click and chose “Save Link As”.Read more »

Recently I took some time to sit down with Amanda from Crabapple yarns to learn a little more about her and her business. Here’s the interview. SS: What inspires your color names? CA: All of my colorways are inspired by my apple “theme” and are named after apple varieties. There are over 200 apple varietiesRead more »

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