when we think about fiber arts, we think of garments to wear such as hats, neckwear, all kinds of sweaters for any season, and socks. But there is so much more and I am here to show you what you can knit and crochet for your home or for someone else’s home. I love when I getRead more »

This week in the Designer’s Spotlight we have a little preview of TNNA for you! At D.C. we have designers Andrea Rangel, Angela Tong, Barbara Benson, Jen Lucas, and Katherine Vaughan joining us and they will be showing off some of their gorgeous designs. If you are coming to the show, please stop by and visitRead more »

We have a new designer to tell you about today! I’m proud to announce that Woolly Wormhead has joined the Stitch Sprouts team! Woolly Wormhead is a Hat Architect. With an instinctive flair for unusual construction and a passion for innovation, Woolly Wormhead is a designer whose patterns are trusted and celebrated by knitters allRead more »

Today, before I get into some lovely crochet patterns by our Stitch Sprouts Designers I’d like to talk to you a little about the history of Crochet. Through some research on the subject I learned that the art of Crochet is believed to have originated around the early 1800’s. Some believe that it’s origin was inRead more »

Just last week I had a marvelous conversation with a woman in group I belong to who’s career is a midwife through a hospital in my area. She wants to retire in a couple of years and she was proud to mention that she has approximately 2,500 babies under her belt so to speak. Just the look on her face wasRead more »

Ladies and gents, girls and guys, I have to tell you that there is nothing better or more satisfying than making your own socks. Socks that actually fit your feet perfectly are the bomb! There are a ton of knitting patterns to choose from, from headwear all the way down to footwear and everything in-between but my mainRead more »

Can you feel it? Can you smell how the air is different now and how can we not notice that the days are getting looonger? Spring has sprung! For me, coming out of hibernation is wonderful as I watch the daffodils, tulips, and other spring flowers, not to leave out the trees, blooming all around me. SoonRead more »

     Romi Hill lives on the eastern slope of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern Nevada. She has been a lifelong lover of crafts and never imagined she could be fortunate enough to do it for a living. Romi teaches and designs knitwear with much love for shawls and is hooked on lace knitting. Her inspirations come by the naturalRead more »

Can you believe that the holidays are just about here!  How fast did this year fly by?! If you are anything like me, you are probably rushing to get your knitted items ready for wrapping and gifting. There is so much to do at this time of the year with personal shopping, cooking, and preparing for family gatherings,Read more »

Stitch Sprouts is happy to welcome Jen Lucas and Bonnie sennott to our family  Let me introduce you to these two talented ladies… First up is Jen Lucas  who has been a knitter since 2004 and decided to expand her fiber arts expertise by delving into designing in 2008. She did exceptionally well as her designs made the magazine scene such asRead more »

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