Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Bonnie Sennot: This week Bonnie published her second pattern for April, the Spindler Mitts. Bonnie knit them with her own handspun BFL, but a commercial fingering or light fingering weight yarn will work nicely, too. A pretty mix of lace, garter, and stockinette, they’re quick and easy to make—perfectRead more »

As a knitwear designer you are at a disadvantage. You probably don’t have a runway show to showcase your collection. And you probably don’t have a brick and mortar shop to display your designs. Your portfolio is likely Ravelry and your vehicle for sales are photographs. Because photographs are your main method of selling your product, they better beRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Jen Lucas: Jen released a new shawl pattern this week. Demantur is a top-down lace shawl featuring a large lace motif along the bottom of the shawl and if finished off with an i-cord bind off. You can get the pattern here. Jen also recently started a Patreon page.Read more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Barbara Benson: In collaboration with Sweet Georgia Yarns, Barbara Benson released a new shawl pattern. Featuring two of Sweet Georgia’s Party of Five gradients the shawl uses mosaic (slip stitch) colorwork to create a fun interplay of the two different colors. The shape is a long, asymmetrically acute triangleRead more »

“You die from exposure.” This is a saying you’ll often hear in the industry. And it’s true. Working for free doesn’t pay the bills. But does working for exposure have it’s place? Sure. Sometimes it’s worth it. But when? Writing Reviews and blogging are a great way to gain exposure for your brand without committingRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Bonnie Sennott: Bonnie has just published a new cowl pattern, Calliopsis. Knit in two colors of Fibre Co. Meadow, this light and lacy accessory is perfect for spring. To celebrate the release of Calliopsis, Bonnie’s having a cowl sale in her Ravelry pattern store. Use the coupon code COWL25 to save 25%Read more »