Technique Tuesdays are BACK! This week we have a video about lifted increases, both right and left. These are usually abbreviated as RLI and LLI. I made a little mistake while filming and you’ll see the correction in the video with the appearance of this guy. Hope you enjoy it!

Tech Editing, or technical editing, is something that has become a rather hot topic in the knit design world. When I first became a knitwear designer, I didn’t know what this was. Now, not a single pattern of mine gets published without being tech edited first. Just as a published piece of writing passes throughRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Barbara Benson: This week Barbara Benson released her first ever sock pattern. Featuring super variegated yarn striped with a complementary color these socks are super fun to knit with slipped stitches, lifted stitches, and an afterthought heel. Check out the Sandpiper Socks on Ravelry. To complement the pattern BarbaraRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Bonnie Sennott: Bonnie has just published a new pattern: Leaf in the Wind mittens. Worked in the round with three colors of fingering weight yarn (Cascade 220 Fingering), they feature a geometric colorwork design inspired by the art of Agnes Martin. To celebrate the release of Leaf in theRead more »

As a knitwear designer you have probably heard the terms sample or test knitters. But what’s the difference? Is there a difference? Yes. Both have their uses but for different reasons. Designers Stephannie Tallent and Jen Lucas wrote about the differences on their blogs last week. Stephannie uses both and likes to use test knitters soRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Barbara Benson: The first was an interview with author Mary Beth Temple about her new book Bath Knits, you can win a copy of the book for yourself. Next came a review of her first finished project for 1 Year of Stitches. To wrap up the week she postedRead more »

Here’s What’s Sprouting this week! From Angela Tong: Angela Tong is one of the sponsor’s of the Mochimochi Land 10th Annual Photo + Video Contest. The winners have been announced and you can read more about it on her blog post. From Barbara Benson: Barbara Benson has a new pattern in the Spring Collection forRead more »