Socks have evolved over the centuries from animal skin wraps to present day machine knit socks. Knitting machines, invented in 1589, keep up with the demand of consumers and their happy feet. Socks are made from various fibers and many other resources that are available such as cotton, silk, and wool, of course. Nylon was later introduced to create strength forRead more »

It’s time for Technique Tuesday! This week, learn the picot hem! Click HERE to watch it on youTube.

The eruption of Mount Mazama only lasted 48 hours. In that time, a gigantic 400,000 year old mountain turned into a hollow shell. The eruption reduced the Mazama’s approximate 12,000 ft height by a mile. At 8,159 ft Hillman Peak is the highest point, located on the rim. The Mazama colorway of Crater Lake is namedRead more »

Yay! For me, knowing the summer season is about to end is exciting to say the least! Just thinking of the fall season makes me giddy. It will be soon time to hang up the flip-flops and don my hand-knitted socks. I feel so alive when the days hold at comfortable temperatures and the nights are cooler. IRead more »

Today’s technique, like last week’s, is also a cast-on and also requires a crochet hook. This one is perfect for things like top-down hats and circular shawls. It creates a beautifully finished center without the need for waste yarn. If you are familiar with the crochet “magic circle” this is very similar, however just aRead more »

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What is a knitting design style sheet? (These ramblings apply to crochet stylesheets as well but I can only be super specific about what I know!) You knitting design style sheet isn’t actually very stylish. It doesn’t have to do with the pretty font you use for your patterns, or the fact that you roundRead more »

Wizard Island is one of our most popular Crater Lake colors! Have you ever wanted to know the story behind color way names? Here’s the story with Wizard Island. Following the cataclysmic caldera forming eruption of Mount Mazama, a series of smaller eruptions over the next several hundred years formed several cinder cones on theRead more »

During the summer months, Lancaster County, PA, where I live, is filled with tourists, adults, and children alike. From Pre-K through college, kids are out having fun with their parents and friends. Sometimes the college kids are having one last family vacation before they go off to their new adventure. I love looking at all the happy faces spending good qualityRead more »

This week our Technique Tuesday post is our first video! I’m not sure why the embedded video is showing so small – it’s best to view it on YouTube. Remember to subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date with all things Stitch Sprouts. Leave a comment and let us know what techniques you want to seeRead more »

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