Yes, that’s right, BINGO. During the TNNA show, be sure to stop by to participate in our designer BINGO event. How to play Print your card ahead of time by clicking HERE, or pick one up in the booth. Collect signatures from the Stitch Sprouts designers who are attending the show. You will find them all over,Read more »

Next week at this time we will be headed to TNNA in Columbus Ohio. This year our booth is going to be spectacular because we have SIX of our fabulous designers exhibiting with us! Please take a stroll down Stitch Sprouts Lane and check out all their designs in person. In addition to lots of samples, eachRead more »

A lot of us are in the madness phase of TNNA prep in the Stitch Sprouts world. Six fabulous Stitch Sprouts designers will be exhibiting along with the main Stitch Sprouts booth: Barbara Benson, Andrea Rangel, Ysolda Teague, Katherine Vaughan, Mindy Wilkes, and myself (Corrina Ferguson). In my world, I’m finishing up last minute samples andRead more »