One of the important things to know when you are a knitting designer is that you are your brand. Everything that you do and say and show online is a part of your brand. So with that come some guidelines. 1. Be Positive Life is not a bowl of cherries. Life definitely has it’s upsRead more »

The Spring has come again For the grass is growing green, And among the fields of clover Bright butterflies are seen. The little birds are singing sweetly As they fly from tree to tree… The busy bees are gathering The honey from the flowers, And the merry birds are building Their nests in sheltered bowers…Read more »

Wanna see some funny things? Let’s look at the evolution of my pattern layout. But don’t laugh too hard, because I still send out patterns in some of these layouts. Changing all my 100+ patterns to my new improved layout is a time consuming project – one I’m still working on!   I threw some yarnRead more »

    Being that it was just St. Patrick’s Day I’d like to showcase some great greens to to help you get inspired for some exhilerating needle work. This just might be your lucky day!   Carol Sunday, brings us this amazing Adam’s Ribs Hoodie, a cap-sleeved tunic-length sweater with a hood designed with a remarkable wandering rib pattern. You can wear this garment openRead more »

Our Anzula Booklets came out a month ago. During the last month, some of our talented designers have posted details about their projects on their blogs. Check them out. For Better or Worsted Textur Hat and Cowl by Angela Tong Kahel by Corrina Ferguson Cricket Lesage by Mindy Wilkes Squishy Ginto by Angela Tong ZaglessRead more »

Are you a professional knit designer? Do you want to be a professional knit designer? Even if you are only doing this part time there is a big difference between doing this as a hobby and doing this professionally to make an income. We’ve had some really interesting discussions going on in the Ravelry DesignersRead more »