This week we have another great designer to highlight: Army of Knitters a.k.a Heather Dixon. Heather is new to our catalog this Spring and we welcome her and her beautiful patterns. Here’s a little interview so you can get to know her better. Heather, your name is awesome, what about being a Heather do youRead more »

So this weekend they had a marathon of Parks & Recreation. Like every single episode. And I truly think my favorite part is when Tom & Donna have their “Treat Yo Self” days. I think we all need days like that. I’m gonna schedule one for real! But today we are talking about branding yourself.Read more »

Happy Lunar New Year!  Lunar New Year is the new moon day of the first lunar month. 2015 is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, which contains Earth, Fire, and Wood. If your Lucky Element is Wood, Fire or Earth, then 2015 will bring you some degree of fortune. The strongest element of 2015 is Earth. Therefore,Read more »

One of our newest designers here at Stitch Sprouts is the amazing Sivia Harding. Sivia designs beautiful garments and accessories. My favorites are Aquitaine and Rainshadow and Celeste. She has a talent for mixing beads and knitting in a magical way, though even her non-beaded designs are gorgeous!     We are so honored to have Sivia joinRead more »

If you haven’t guessed yet, we have also been collaborating with the fabulous Baah Yarns to make another beautiful pattern booklet! This booklet spotlights Baah’s wonderful Aspen yarn, which is a blend of 75% merino, 15% silk, and 10% cashmere. Here we present the yarn as four multicolored shawls, each featuring a different shape and construction. All four comeRead more »

This week I would like to spotlight another wonderful yarn company called Baah Yarns. Don’t you just love that name! It gives you the warm fuzzys that a great yarn should give you when you hear the name, touch it, and work with it. This company has an beautiful array of colors to choose from in fourRead more »

Last week I showed you two ways to join a new skein of yarn to an existing project. Today, I have two more! Knitted in With non-feltable yarns I use this method the most. It’s simple and easy to do, yet I find it to be somewhat conspicuous. Therefore, I always to try hide this inRead more »

For the last year Stitch Sprouts, their designers, and Anzula Yarns have been working tirelessly on a secret project. If you went to TNNA, you got a sneak peek, but finally, today, you get to see what all the hush-hush was about! Allow me to present the first pattern pamphlets published by Stitch Sprouts, oneRead more »