At Stitch Sprouts, we LOVE Anzula! ANZULA has many exquisite luxurious yarns, yarns you have always dreamt of knitting or crocheting with. They have 14 unique lines, each available in an astounding 98 different color ways! That, my fiber friends, is certainly a lot of colors. Some of the fabulous fibers they blend together are superwash merino, cashmere, nylon, silk,Read more »

Unless you only knit one-skein projects, you’ve needed to join a new skein of yarn at some point. But how do you do it? There are many, many ways to join new yarn. Today I’ll show you two. Both of these methods result in zero additional ends to weave in later—bonus! Spit splice Yes, spit…orRead more »

Classes attract customers. Offering new and exciting classes that develop your customers’ knitting and crocheting skills is a must. But what shop owner has time to create detailed class materials when they’re already busy running a store? Engage your students with new classes and grow your customer base with our newest offering, Class Kits. Class Kits are MORE than aRead more »

YAY, THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER!!! Are you tired of knitting or crocheting for someone else? I know I am. How many items that you have made can you actually say you own, wear, or display in your home. Right!?! Not many because you are always knitting for others—well some of us do anyway, which seems toRead more »

I love teaching people how to knit and/or crochet. Both crafts start with the very basic slip knot. I say very basic, but this can often be a difficult first lesson. Here’s how I teach this foundational skill. The first method I use for children, and the second for adults. Hungry Dinosaur This method is,Read more »

This spring TNNA will be back in Columbus, Ohio. I love Columbus. It was the first TNNA I attended a few years back, and it is still my favorite location. I love the convention center there, I love the hotel that Heather and I stay in, I love the North Market and it’s delicious food…Read more »

A garter stitch tab is a common start for many top-down shawls. It’s easy to make and flows seamlessly into the top edging. The cast-on is nestled right next to the neck in the center. Top-down shawls have rows that get longer and longer as you increase along the yellow lines shown below. Garter Tab Let’s make aRead more »

Stitch Sprouts’ catalog is published three times a year. It’s 44 pages of stunning designs, unique accessories, and gorgeous yarns printed on the same high quality stock as our patterns. View See our latest catalog on Issuu HERE. Download For a PDF, click HERE. To save this file, right click and chose “Save Link As”.Read more »

It’s a new year and we are happy to announce that we are adding two new designers to our all-star line-up! Stitch Sprouts proudly welcomes Army of Knitters and Bristol Ivy! Unfortunately, I didn’t get these designers up to the site before leaving for TNNA…but you can see all their beautiful designs in the newRead more »

Technique Tuesday is back! Today I’ll show you how to cable without the cable needle. First we need to talk about yarn. I suggest trying this method with a wool or wool blend. A slippery yarn like cotton, rayon, or nylon may make this method more frustrating than helpful. I’m not saying that you cannot use these fibers,Read more »

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