The holiday season has just been just as crazy as usual, but somehow I always forget that and take on more than I can possibly handle. And that’s why the 2nd installment of Photo 101 is late. Today we are gonna talk about lighting for knitting photography. For those of you like me, who areRead more »

How many projects can you think of that would only use ONE skien? If you had to count them it would probably take you days and days because that is how many patterns there are to choose from. With the colder weather upon us I am always thinking hats, mitts, fingerless mitts and mittens, scarves, socksRead more »

First off I will state right off that my photography is a work in progress. I haven’t been able to publish much this year so I haven’t been taking many photos and it shows y’all. But I thought I would start a series of blog posts about photography that might help you and me getRead more »