Now is the time for needles, hooks, and yarn to come out of their summer hiding places. Fall crafting season has begun! What better way to prepare for the long cold winter than working up a cozy blanket? Today I’ve picked out a few of my favorites from our extensive catalog.   The Twining VinesRead more »

When the weather turns brisk, the first wooly item I grab are socks. Stitch Sprouts has you covered with plenty of sock patterns. Whether you like them toe up, cuff down, knit, or crochet, we have tons of sock patterns! Here are just a few of my favorites. For crochet, I love these Ladder StitchRead more »

Here’s a technique that I use all the time to give my knits a professional finished edge. I learned it from crochet! When binding off in the round, the beginning/end often looks messy. This is because the end is a bit higher than the beginning due to the spiraling nature of knitting in the round. ThisRead more »

Autumn has fallen upon us…at least here in the Mid Atlantic region. Days are shorter, brisker, and more colorful. It’s time to get out the woolen accessories! I thought I would showcase some quick fall projects in case you are without such things as hats…you can whip one up quickly before it turns too cold!Read more »

When working decreases on the wrong side, we often see p2togtbl (purl two together through the back loops) represented as the partner to ssk (slip, slip, knit). Meaning both of these decreases, when viewed from the front, form identical left leaning stitches. However, this is NOT true. In fact, p2togtbl is actually the partner to k2togtblRead more »

Today’s Tips For Designers (T4D) is all about time. Time management that is! I am a full time knit designer. I don’t have any other jobs or income. So far this year in the first three quarters I have finished my first book for Interweave (Warm Days, Cool Knits) and I have completed about a halfRead more »