This week in the Designer Spotlight is Ruth Garcia-Alcantud of Rock+Purl! SS: You’ve moved countries a bit, yes? Where? RGA: Yes! Here’s the “abbreviated” version: I was born in Spain, moved to England to go to University, back to Spain to work, back to England to work, moved within England quite a bit, and then,Read more »

In todays Technique Tuesday, I have a confession. I like, even prefer, winding yarn by hand. There’s something about it…it’s like a first meeting, a conversation, an exploration…I find that you get to know the yarn a little bit better by taking the time to wind by hand. Hand-winding takes a little more time, butRead more »

Today on Tips 4 Designers, a guest post by designer, Tabetha Hedrick. We met Tabetha a few weeks ago in a Designer Spotlight post. Tabetha is also an accomplished photographer and has graciously agreed to share some of her photography tips with us today! — Photography is one of the most critical aspects to goodRead more »

Stranded Color-Work, it’s easier than you think!   So show us your colors ladies and gents, it’s time to get Stranded with our Yellowstone Kits Stitch Sprouts, has put together two beautiful kits showcasing our fabulous Yellowstone sport weight yarn, including a unique Stitch Sprouts pattern, of course. For your convenience, Stitch Sprouts has taken the guess work out ofRead more »

This week in the Designer Spotlight, meet Lindsey Stephens, the designer of Poetry in Yarn designs. Lindsey creates beautiful knit AND crochet designs! Today she talks to us about her inspirations and how she chooses between knit and crochet when designing. SS: What inspires your designs? How do you come up with a new design? LS: IRead more »

It’s July and the temperatures have been as hot and humid as most summers. Don’t worry! I know a great way to cool down and by this I mean Think Holiday Knitting! Believe it or not, the holidays are just around the corner. That’s right! Now is the ideal time of the year to get those gift-givingRead more »

It’s T4D (Tips 4 Designers) day! Every Monday new tips for designers – established or aspiring! This week’s topic is Marketing Tips. I’m Corrina Ferguson, an independent knitting designer and one of the Stitch Sprouts gang. Today’s post is kind of a “what works for me” sort of post. I’m still a work in progress,Read more »

Yellowstone, a brand new yarn designed by Heather Zoppetti, is a fabulous Must Have yarn. You won’t want to put it down from the minute you start to cast it onto your needles until your project is finished! You will ohh and ahh as this yarn glides through your fingers each time you knit or crochet on your WIP.Read more »

Today on Designer Spotlight, we talk to the fabulous Tabetha Hedrick. Tabetha is one busy lady! Tell us about yourself, who are you, what do you do? I’m a relatively multi-faceted sort of girl with a lot (a LOT) of interests and passions; everything from knitting to organization and photography to drawing. Fiber, and theRead more »

In today’s Technique Tuesday post I tell you how to create neat slipped stitch edges. This is something that many designers say ambiguously. Sometimes they simply say, “slip the first stitch of every row” without telling you HOW to slip that stitch. If you don’t slip in the correct way, your edge won’t look any betterRead more »

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